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We're Taking a Hiatus..


Hello brothers, sisters, supporters, and friends--


Unfortunately, ElevateHer Inc., SeeHerMove and Sis, Let's Heal is needing to take a short hiatus. We have been pushing the inevitable for a little while now and the time has come.


We are taking a hiatus to refresh, regroup, rebrand, reorganize and restructure our organization. All coaching sessions, workshops, events and live shows/podcasts schedules will be temporarily suspended until January 2023.


If we have reached out to you regarding being a guest on our live show/podcast, SeeHerMove or Sis, Let's Heal, please rest assured you will hear from us via phone or email individually during this time to reschedule your appearance.


ElevateHer Inc. is looking forward to coming back better and stronger than ever. Please keep us in your prayers and we thank you for your time, support, and patience during our time of change improvement.


We love you all! Be blessed, be well, and stay safe! See ya'll soon!

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