ElevateHerInc is a Faith-based, non-profit organization created to establish opportunities to elevate by creating a positive environment, activities that will expand the mind, perspective, morals, values, create unity, and other valuable life skills. This organizations' primary focus is on healing the heart, deliverance, empowerment, building self-esteem, basic life skills, personal development and education of women young and seasoned alike; by linking arms with other organizations by empowering and elevating each other together. 


As an ElevateHer Inc. woman, they will learn, teach, and help each other build a unified community as well as inspire one another to build each other’s knowledge and skills through shared personal experiences, educational enrichment and leisure activities. We also assist women in transition, women re-entering the work place an also provide life/purpose/business coaching, etiquette classes, self-esteem, event management and public speaking workshops. All women who participate or are a part of our program have the opportunity to participate in our live show and/or podcast.


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 Our Mission & Vision:

Mission Statement

The mission of ElevateHer Inc. is to empower women, in various stages of their lives that are seeking professional and personal growth through venues that provide encouragement, guidance, motivation, awareness, and mentoring. 

Vision Statement

To be a conduit via the power of the Holy Spirit to women of all cultures, races and nationalities causing them to be re-ignited so that their lights will burn brighter and reach further than ever before.


A woman’s self esteem, self image, and self confidence are greatly enhanced as she learns her purpose, her various gifts, talents and abilities. Which in turn makes her a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, parent, etc. We also believe that ministry is not limited to preaching or pastoring but if a woman is teaching her children and taking care of her home that this is also ministry. It is service to her family.