Act Like A Lady

~Be the lady you were destined to be~

Being beautiful starts with self-discovery. It's not just something you ‘paint on’, but something that is developed from within along with confidence and strength. When you take our class, Act Like A Lady, your women and girls will practice proper posture, beauty care, communication skills, a positive attitude, managing time and setting goals. Good manners are imperative for a success. We will teach these women and girls the biblical principles of self-discovery or re-self-discovery.

This workshop was created to focus on self-esteem, building confidence, and learning life skills and etiquette. Our goal for this workshop is to give women and girls the tools they need to tackle every stage of life they are in.

What the course will cover:


Who are you?
What's in a name?
What are you?
Why are you?
Self Image/Self Confidence
Who are you-What's Your Name-Goal Setting-Write the Vision
The Art of "No"



Life Skills & Etiquette Basics

  • Grocery shopping/Food Budgeting/Basic Cooking/Meal prep
  • Basic banking & Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Proper Introductions – Handshakes And Eye Contact – Body Language –
  • How To Speak With The Right Tone With Clarity
  • How To Make A Positive First Impression
  • Techno-Etiquette And Social Networking
  •  Common Courtesies In Public Places
  • Table Skills and Dining Manners –Place Settings 

Class availability dates: Virtual Only Etiquette Classes 

Coming Spring 2022

Interested in taking the workshop as a group? Email us or Call us to be added to the next workshop wait list. If you have a group, women's group or church group of

10 or more, the cost will be $20.00 person

Follow these instructions:

Download and fill out the registration form and pay the non-refundable registration  fee of $35.00; which we require to be paid prior to the class. The course fee includes workbook/worksheets, and a Certificate of Achievement.



10 Participants PER COURSE***