Changing Lives
One Bag At A Time

In the spring of 2018 ElevateHer Inc. began an ongoing PAY-IT-FORWARD campaign called BAGZ4GOOD. Our mission is to improve and assist in the lives of youth and adults in transition and often find themselves falling through the cracks, forgotten and neglected by social services, foster homes, transitional programs, shelters, and neglected and judged by society. Everyone deserves to know they matter and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect; which includes personal possessions personal treasures, memories, and belongings. We  want to provide love, hope, and the sentiment that someone cares about them as individuals, what they are going through and have been through. With BAGS4GOOD we want to give them a sense of pride and self-worth. We also want to make sure that these individuals do not have to travel from one journey to the next with their personal belongings, treasures, and memories in a garbage bags/trash bags.

"Garbage bags break and can't possibly support any life contents; certainly not a life as fragile as this one."--

Here's What We Need:
Looking To Do Some Good?

**New/Gently Used Luggage, Duffel Bags, Book Bags, Overnight Bags or Carry-on Bags, etc.**

**Travel size up to full sized:

toothpaste, tooth brush, mouthwash, lotion, shaving cream, bar soap, body wash, deodorant, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products, bath sponges, lip balm, combs, brushes, face masks.**

**New/Gently Used Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Journals, Stuffed Animals, etc.**


**Please keep all scents & colors neutral**

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OtherWays You Can Help

**You can put together your own Bagz4Good. Be sure to include a personal hand written note of encouragement to the recipient and send it to ElevateHer Inc.

**You may also set up a BAGZ4GOOD Donation Station in your area on our behalf.

**You can also be a BAGZ4GOOD Volunteer


Contact us to find out all the ways you can be apart of something AWESOME!!