SeeHerMove is a movement in ElevateHerInc that travels around to different cities, states, neighborhoods/communities to showcase hidden figures in the community, ministries, entrepreneurs, small businesses, women in business and a variety of community organizations. We do interviews with men and women, of different backgrounds about their testimonials, how they started their business, tips and advice, and covering how they empower and elevate and promote overall growth for themselves and in their communities. 

If you, your organization, business and/or ministry would like to be featured on one of our live shows or podcast episodes, please contact us at via email connect@elevateherinc.org


Sis, Let' Heal is a semi-monthly live show/podcast and future docu-series promoting, encouraging, and discussing, mental wellness, wholeness, restoration, and to road to healing from past hurts, trauma, and anything from your past that is holding your present and future hostage. We offer a safe space/ non-judgmental platform to openly discuss with live chats, interviews, testimonies, life coaching, spiritual guidance and empowerment. Get2YOUR C.C.O.R.E (Confront-Conquer-Overcome-Restore-Empower) We MUST confront the trauma of your past. Trauma will try to echo through your entire life sending through a figure 8, a revolving door, and cause emotional, physical, and mental paralysis. The pain you choose not to transform, you WILL transmit. So confess to be free and let us help you begin your healing journey....be ready to do the work. God's healing power is ready to perform.

Healing Hearts RoundTable

HHRT will be a monthly safe space platform with panelist from all backgrounds and varied perspectives, discussing their journey of healing, discussing the "Whole Woman"; and the importance of being balanced and healed as a whole. Each monthly episode will provide unbiased, non-judgmental conversation to help you walk though, get through and come out free. In addition, we will also discuss culture, current events, women's issues, etc.